Yesterday I produced a Social Marketing training program for The International Houswares Association. It is a straight forward video with action steps, recommendations and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of different Social Marketing tactics. All of that is good, and important, but; should Social Marketing be your starting point?

Here’s what you have to know- Google, in every case, for me and every one of my clients, delivers FAR more traffic than FaceBook and all social sites combined (even those who are very active in social media). So on sheer numbers Google wins, that said, social tactics like inviting people to an event, or using social posts to quickly fill openings in a schedule, for example a mechanic or chiropractor who has a cancellation of an afternoon appointment are great.

I say we walk and chew gum, in other words we start with both. Both are processes, both build over time, by the way did you know that the longer a small business has been Social Marketing the more time they spend doing it, it’s true. The reason is it does work, the same is true with SEO, the more you understand how to optimize your web pages and blog posts the more you will do it. Both can significantly add to your profits.

For help with your Social Marketing and your SEO let’s start with a FREE evaluation and come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget.