Once you have a page, or post, that is optimized for a given keyword (well written content with proper keyword placement, the keyword in title and heading tags, etc.) the next thing you want to do is link to that page, or post, from other pages in your site using the keyword in the link text.

For example one of my keywords on this site is Internet marketing coach, you can see that I have linked those 3 words to the page of this site that I have optimized for that keyword. That is an “on-site optimized keyword link” and that is exactly what you want to do.

If you have multiple sites, as I do, you can also link between sites, for example one of my keywords is Internet Marketing Speaker and you can see I have linked those words to the appropriate page of the site I have optimized for that keyword. This is an “off-site optimized keyword link”. Here’s another self serving example- internet marketing consultant.

These on-site and off-site optimized links show Google that the page is about whatever the word is in the link text. This is a very basic SEO element that every site owner should implement and yet every single week I see sites using “click here” as their link text, when linking to optimized pages in their site. ┬áThis can be a costly mistake.

SEO can deliver thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of high quality visitors to your website for FREE. In other words these little things can REALLY pay off, the question becomes how much should I pay for SEO services ?