SEO has become “earned media“, meaning that your business must EARN top rankings. This means that SEO can no longer be an afterthought, something you “do” once the website is developed. In fact, SEO is no longer even limited to your website. SEO is the aggregation of the entire culture of your business.

SEO is no longer a “way of marketing”, like PPC or paid social.

SEO is a website the loads quickly, is up to date, is rich with content, is well respected amongst peers and users… SEO is content that is engaging and shared.

SEO is NOT putting keywords into tags, or content, or getting a bunch of websites to link to your website. SEO is NOT manipulation of any kind.

SEO is integrity. SEO is demonstrating consistency with your actions, values, methods, measures and principles, aligning visitor

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expectations and outcomes.

SEO is having visitors who like what you do and how you do it.

SEO is everything about your website and everything about your business.

As SEO has evolved so has the focus of my coaching. If you could use some help obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings give me a call. 541-941-4840