This is an excellent example of the POWER of SEO.

Let’s skim off all of the “easy visits”. Approximately 1/3 (250) of the visitors are searching on the company name. In this case a person’s name. This is no great SEO feat.

The other 2/3’s (500 visitors)  are using an average of 157 different keywords! This is the “long tail”, keywords that consistently deliver 10, 20, 30 or more high quality visitors per day.

My point? SEO the long tail. Every client I have gets at least 1/2 of their organic visits from well optimized long tail keywords.


This website has a number of sites referring visitors (mostly as a result of flat rate ads on high traffic sites, not PPC). 3 of these referring websites EACH send more than 20,000 visitors per month! 

Have you placed ads on high traffic websites visited by your target market? In this case, and in many other cases, this strategy works incredibly well.