SEO for your blog posts is essential. Here’s a personal example:

I was looking at the Google Analytics on this site yesterday and I noticed that out of the last 4,471 visitors to come to the site 3,444 (77%) of them entered the site through a blog page and only 23% entered through the home page or other non-blog pages.

SEO blog tips 

The starting point for any SEO, including blog posts, is identifying the keywords. I use the Google Keyword Tool for this. It’s fast and easy. For example on the post I’m optimizing it for SEO for blog, SEO blog tips and blog and SEO. These are all terms that get thousands of searches per month and competition is relatively light.

It will take a few days for Google to get this page indexed but in a week or so I’ll report back on how it’s ranking.

Once I have identified the keywords I’m going to SEO the blog post for, in this case SEO for blogs, SEO blog tips and blog and SEO, I want to add those keywords into the text of the blog post. You will notice that I have used “SEO for blog” in the headline, the title tag and in the first paragraph. I have also included the keywords throughout the content, including ” blog and SEO” right here. 🙂 Obviously I’m doing this as an example, but you will notice that many of my blog posts use this SEO formula, it really is a useful tip for blog SEO. 🙂

I will also add some optimized inbound links to this posts after it is up.

SEO for blog posts is really a pretty simple process. Identify the keywords you are going to optimize the post for, add them in the title, the title tag and the content. Once the site is live add some optimized links… that’s about it.

Remember to Google on “SEO for blog”, “SEO blog tips” and “blog and SEO” anytime after August 17, 2011 and see where this post is ranking. Of course there is no guarantee. I may have first page rankings on one or more of the keywords and I may not. Some posts are SEO homeruns, some strike outs, but most are solid singles. You get first page rankings for important but not highly competitive, high search volume keywords and if you keep at it it WILL add up. This website is a perfect example, 77% of the visitors “landing”  Search Engine Optimized blog posts.