Nearly every day I get an e-mail or a phone call asking about the effectiveness of SEO since the latest Google updates. Many people have even seen ads saying SEO is dead. Let me assure its not.

Google’s updates were aimed at the cheaters, SEO spammers and those using so called “black hat” tactics.

I just took the screen shot below this morning, it shows the number of 1 page & top 30 rankings as well as the increase or decline in rankings since last month. This should be about all the evidence you need to recognize that SEO is still very much alive and well!

What is the biggest SEO mistake I see small business marketers making this year?

Poor keyword research and ineffective content, both from an optimization perspective and a conversions perspective.

Remember your website is the online hub of your business and Google, and the other search engines, still bring far more and much higher quality visitors to most small business websites than the social networks.