We created a set of “SEO Instructions” for the client in September. They implemented them in ¬†October & November. As you can see from their Google Analytics below they are now getting 5,000 (weird that it turned out to be exactly 5,000) more visitors Organic (FREE) visitors to their site per month.

What are SEO Instructions? They are a comprehensive set of instructions explaining how to optimize your website for your best keywords, the keyword research and prioritization is included.

The SEO Instructions include everything from on- page content to site navigation. This is a complete “soup to nuts” set of instructions that you and your webmaster can easily implement on your own. Of course I’m always available to answer questions and check your work.

This is absolutely the best way to learn SEO. You will work from a proven blueprint custom engineered for your website.

The investment is $3,497, so it’s not cheap, but compare this investment to attending another seminar… or workshop… well you be the judge.