Now, more than ever, it is ESSENTIAL that you approach SEO from the ground up. What I mean by that is this: Optimizing the visible written content of your web pages is BY FAR the most important component of your SEO efforts.

You MUST show search engines that your website is relevant to the topic associated with the keyword you are optimizing. This is a dramatic change from SEO of 2011 and before when simply adding your keywords to page content could get you top rankings.

Today you also want to make sure you are using your keywords in your website navigation and when linking to your web pages.

Social networks are beginning to play a VERY SMALL role in SEO. Factors such as the number of Facebook Likes, Google +1 clicks or Twitter mentions won’t get your website on Google’s first result page, but they may pull you off of page 2 and on to page one if your on page optimization is solid.

Do not waste your time using social media for SEO until you’re “on page” and “on site” SEO is in place.

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