You probably know that I love doing my Santa thing. I have fun every single day with people who recognize me as Santa. I get waves from passersby in cars, have pictures taken with people in gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. For me it’s a kick.

I’m in LA this week and yesterday I did a “reading” for the Commercial Division a very prestigious talent agency. The firm is considering representing me as one of their clients. If they take me on I will be submitted for national and regional TV commercials as well as print ads as Santa. I think would love doing that. 🙂

Imagine, I’m spending time and money and I’m excited about AUDITIONING in order to become a client of a firm that is going to take a percentage of my future earnings IF THEY EXCEPT me as a client!

I started to think about; why am I doing this? Why am I willing to invest my time and money and “put myself out there” just so I can pay a company a percentage of my income?

Of course the answer is because I VALUE what they bring to the table… they would allow me to do more of one of the things I love to do, they would increase my exposure and ultimately increase my incme.

I then started thinking about my Internet marketing coaching business (my real business)… Using SEO and social media I increase exposure and profits of my clients.

Perhaps I should have potential clients audition for me… have them demonstrate and convince me why I should take them on as a client… hmmm…

If you are not yet one of my coaching clients hire me now while I’m still accepting clients without an audition. 🙂