SEO has found its way into my sabbatical. So have strawberries, and I’m happy about both of them.

My wife and I are about 75 days into our sabbatical. We are gardening (and already eating fresh strawberries from the garden), traveling and exploring new many activities. We are both exploring and deepening our spirituality (a small group of us start each morning with meditation Strawberries Smalland prayer). My wife is also enjoying water color classes and I’m doing a lot of writing related to “The Greatest Gifts of All“.

To be on sabbatical is to break from normal routines and we have definitely done that. Being on sabbatical is also taking time to do the things you enjoy and have a passion for. I thoroughly enjoy working with small business owners, helping them build their business and experience the pleasures and benefits of entrepreneurship.

This brings me to SEO...

Helping small business owners obtain and maintain top rankings on Google has been a large part of my weekly activities for many years. I have always enjoyed it, but it was one of the “normal routines” I was planning to step away from during this sabbatical but here’s what has happened…

SEO has changed, it’s no longer the same routine as it has been for years! SO, I have decided to continue to help a few (very few), small businesses obtain and maintain top Google rankings.

Here’s an example of some results from a brand new client who has had their website for over a year and had zero top rankings on Google. I helped with his SEO 5 weeks ago and he now has 26 FIRST PAGE rankings on many of his most important keywords.

26 Page 1 Rankings in 4 weks 05-24-14So what makes New SEO is so vastly different from the Old SEO that I no longer consider it part of my “normal routine”?

I’ll save that for another time.

Enjoy your labor and its fruits this Spring and Summer and all year ’round.

All the best,