In a survey of Search Engine Position Results for restaurants, travel, legal, beauty, plumbing and automotive websites, all highly susceptible to consumer reviews, Marchex – a provider of marketing services to small business, found that more than 80 percent of the search results do not point directly to the websites of those businesses. Instead, they point to social network results and consumer reviews.

These businesses and similar consumer oriented companies need to be aware of where they stand in search results with their own websites, compared to the rankings of reviews and comments from social media users.

Businesses are being reviewed by customers in ever growing numbers and there are times the reviews and ratings might not even be justified. So it’s becoming increasingly important to know how you are being “talked about” on these sites AND to be ready to respond on your behalf, nipping any problems in the bud, before they evolve into a viral hate campaign. (If you need help with this let us know.)

Some obvious places to look for your small business reviews are social sites like Facebook, Twitter and, and Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo Local, City Search and

Here are a few more places where your business or products might be getting reviewed.
The Better Business Bureau is a relative newcomer to the user review scene but its trusted reputation makes it a must-monitor for every business.
Buzzillions’ focus is products — electronics, computers, sports equipment, clothing, etc. Manufacturers and retailers would be wise to research their products here.
Part of the family, Epinions solicits reviews on just about anything a person can buy online — from autos to office supplies.
Wize reports “the best & worst products” by matching products based on consumers’ needs. The main focus is electronics and appliances.
In tandem with Buzzillions, PowerReviews looks to connect consumers with reviews about the producty they care about, through SEO, mobile, social networks and more.
SiteJabber provides reviews of websites as a whole. Obviously, every online property should make sure good things are being said about them, or find a brand advocate to get the ball rolling. They claim more than 450,000 people search websites for reviews every month.
Mainly focused on rating those in the medical and health care field. Insider Pages also features reviews on restaurants, beauty and home & garden.
MerchantCircle focuses on promoting businesses by using online user reviews via a pseudo paid advertising system. Businesses can create their own local coupon book.
Judy’s Book provides review guides to users, such as “Top 10 Auto Mechanics” and so on. Businesses can create their accounts and get help with promotion and SEO.
Angie’s List is a paid service for consumers to get certified, unbiased reviews of local businesses. It is a large and trusted network, claiming more than one million members.
As the name suggest, TripAdvisor helps users filter travel destinations via user reviews. A must-know for travel businesses.
Because allows users to make reservations immediately, good reviews on this site can help restaurants take advantage of the convenience factor.