Prioritizing your Internet marketing breaks into 2 chunks:

  1. Increasing Website Visitors
  2. Improving the Website Conversion Ratio


One is not much good without the other. A bunch of traffic and few or no sales, leads or opt-in’s and what’s the use?

A high conversion ratio but few visitors, or a cost of visitor acquisition that is so high it suck the profit out of your business useless too.

Of course the ideal is a great conversion ratio coupled with a steady stream of new visitors who arrive at the site with a very low “visitor acquisition cost”.

The challenge for a lot of small businesses is to know what to focus on when. What is the right balance between a conversion improvement focus and traffic development focus? The other major challenge is more tactical. Should you focus of SEO or social marketing, a new headline and offer submit button or add video?

I’m going to cover “How to Prioritize Your Marketing Efforts” at 11:00 AM Pacific Time TODAY in a web meeting. You are welcome to join in if you are available. You can get the log-in info here-

Whether you are able to attend the meeting or not, here’s my experience as it relates to prioritizing your marketing efforts.

SEO trumps social marketing, by far. Identify your 100 most import keywords (search terms) and have a Search Engine Ranking Report ran- We charge $27 for the report.

If 70 or 80 of your rankings are in the top 10 (first page) of Google searches, begin to focus on Social Marketing. If not focus on your SEO.

If your conversion ratio is less than 2-3% focus on improving it. 5-10% are not uncommon, especially for free offers.

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