Remodeling your website can be a great idea that has tragic consequences.

In the past few weeks I have had been involved with two sites where the business owner as frantic because shortly after the launch of their updated site they saw huge drops in traffic.

During a site remodel everyone has an opinion about how a website should look and function and webmasters implementing these changes rarely  have the online marketing experience to understand the complete ramifications of these changes. Including how the changes will affect the sites rankings on Google and the other search engines as well as the primary site objectives, i.e. sales, leads, opt-ins, time on page, page views, etc.

On many occasions I have been “called to the rescue” because well intended site changes resulted destroying months or even years worth of carefully cultivated SEO strategies.

So what do you do when your considering a site remodel?

Make sure you have an Internet marketing specialist involved in the process from the beginning. Every word on every page matters. Every link on the site matters. Every heading tag on every page matters. The placement of every image on every page matters. Yes we provide this service and we would be happy to help you, but that is not the reason for this post. The reason is for this post is to save you money and that gut wrenching feeling that happens when you look up and see your site remodel produced the exact opposite effect than you were anticipating.

This is a graph that shows how the rankings plummeted for someone who quickly became a client.