As it turns out Saturday’s e-mail about effective e-mail marketing WAS an example of effective e-mail marketing.

Here’s an e-mail I received about an hour after my e-mail went out Saturday morning.

Here’s what the e-mail says:

Good Day, Ed! I hope all is well with you. I am finally ready to get some consulting on my web site that is under development. Please send me your consulting form so we can get started.

Also I wanted to let you know that I followed you advice on one of your post to use the TYNT and it really works. Thanks for this great tip.


I met Barry after a presentation I made at a trade association meeting in Florida in 2007!

Barry has been on my list, receiving my emails, receiving value and using my FREE tips for over 5 years and Saturday’s e-mail caught him at just the right time. Now he’s a client.

E-mail marketing can work exceptionally well. We can use it to build trust, confidence and to maintain “top of mind awareness” with ease and at a VERY LOW cost.

The trick, and my tip, is to provide value and to be consistent, I typically send between 1 and 3 short messages per week.