Until recently Search Engine Optimization has largely consisted of code and content manipulations designed to cause one website (my clients) to rank higher than another (their competitors) in the search results. SEO was not about the quality or competence of the business itself.

As Google’s ranking algorithm has grown more and more complex the code and content manipulations have become less and less effective.

Of course Google sees its job as delivering the best, most relevant, most authoritative websites to people using its search engine, NOT the websites whose code and content have been manipulated so they appear deserving of top rankings.

Look at it this way, Google is attempting to separate from the wheat from the proverbial chaff, and then organize the wheat kernels from best suited, to least suited, for a specific use.

Websites that provide quality content are the wheat… those trying to game the system, and those that have poor quality content, are the chaff.

What this means is being excellent at what you do is the new SEO. 

Google is saying that you also have to be good, better than your competitors, if you want to earn one of the coveted top spots on any giving search result. But, and this INCREDIBLY important, how is Google to know that your business is better than your competitors? In fact how is Google even going to know you exist at all?

The fact is there are millions of businesses that Google is not even aware of, and many more that deserve to rank above websites that they now rank below… the bottom-line? Google is NOT all-knowing. Google needs a little help to learn about businesses and a little more help to be able to determine the quality of one business relative to another.

This is not an attempt to manipulate anything it’s simply about doing the things necessary to let Google to know you exist. AND doing what is necessary so Google “sees” you in the right places, and doing the right things, so they recognize that you and/or your business have real expertise and your website DESERVES to rank above the websites of your competitors.

So what do experts do? 

They write books, articles and blog posts. They give speeches, have videos, have fans on social media and are referenced (linked to) from other high quality websites and much more. All of these things are Search Engine Optimization 2014.

Once Google “sees” you are an expert and offer high quality content. Next Google wants to make sure your website is worthy of a top link. Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate? Does it render properly on mobile devices. This is SEO 2014.

Essentially Google is saying to every business, large and small, if you want to obtain and maintain top rankings in our search results, be good, real good, demonstrate how good you are, share your expertise and make your website is up to date and easy to use.

Now that’s not too tough is it? 

Seriously, SEO is about being good at what you do, having satisfied customers who say good things about you. It’s about being so good that your products or services differentiate you from your competitors. Earn positive word of mouth marketing and you are implementing SEO 2014.

The Bottom-Line – 

  1. Be really good at what you do… that’s up to you.
  2. Be really good at crafting your message and getting it in the right places… I can help with that.