One of the things you do, when you do what I do, is look at analytics. I’m always looking at what is brining visitors to websites and how visitors interact with sites. How much time they spend, what pages they look at, whether they “convert” to a lead or customer. I love it!

I often discover “happy little accidents“, especially with blog posts. Here’s an example: On April 9th of this year a wrote a blog post about e-mail subject lines.  The title was 5 Reasons Why These E-mail Subject Lines Work

It’s not a long post, less than 250 words, I didn’t do anything special from an SEO perspective. It was written for my subscribers not to serve as a SEO Landing Page, yet, and this is the happy little accident, this page now has a #3 Google ranking on the term “do stars in subject lines work.” Now everyday Google sends 1, 2 or 3visitors to that page. Sure it’s peanuts, it’s nothing really, another 60 or 70 visitors per month, but these visitors stay on the site 3:40, some subscribe to my blog and some  enroll in our monthly marketing program.

At this point I have more than 250 blog posts delivering thousands of visitors from Google and the other search engines, all for FREE and this is ALL secondary to the primary purpose of the blog which is to build relationships and maintain top of mind awareness with customers and potential customers like you.

If you are not yet blogging…  Call me 541-482-4840, let’s talk. 🙂