Has your site been optimized for mobile devices? If not it’s time. Here’s why…

A few minutes ago I was looking through the Google Analytics for several of my coaching clients. I was looking at the number of visitors to their websites that were using mobile devices.  Here is a SMALL sampleing of some of the devices used… but the %’s below is what’s really interesting.

Apple iPad                                Apple iPhone
SonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc     HTC ADR6350 Droid Incredible 2
LG Ally                                    Apple iPod Touch
HTC EVO 4G                             Samsung SGH-I997 Infuse
Motorola DroidX                        Samsung SPH-D710
ZTE X500                                Score HTC Inspire 4G
Motorola Droid X2                      Samsung SCH-I500 Fascinate
Samsung SPH-M820                   Galaxy Prevail HTC APA7373KT EVO Shift 4G

Here are some of the numbers, the % of visitors coming to the website on Mobile Devices…

  • Clinical Hypnosis Center 33%
  • Construction Company 27%
  • Job Placement 26%
  • Astrologer 24%
  • Wine Retailer 23%
  • Bail Agent 20%
  • B&B 19%
  • Dentist 18%

As you can see 18 to 33% of the visitors going to this wide sampling of websites are using a wide variety of mobile devices. The question becomes one of “mobile optimization” or “compatibility”. If you have not already, I highly recommend that you have your website checked for mobile compatibility. Of course if you need help with any this you can pop me an e-mail or give me a call and I’ll check it out for you.

Do you use e-mail marketing? If so look at this. This simple change targeted to mobile users bumped up the click through rate by a whopping 173% The only change in the copy was testing the term ‘Online Version’ & ‘Mobile Version’. This test measured the clicks on the ‘Click Here’ link for this email newsletter.  http://whichtestwon.com/archives/16713