Many of us believe in doing good while doing well. In other words helping other as an ingredient in our own success. Social marketing is of course very well suited for those of us with this mind set, and while we often see small companies paving the way there are also examples here and there of big, even huge companies, doing good while doing well.

Here are some excerpts from a recent article on

The Mean Stinks page alone ( has 222,000 fans, who’ve collectively used a “Good Graffiti” app to pass along 32,000 positive messages to friends since launch.

Mean Stinks also induced 10,000 women to trigger $1 donations to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center by requesting coupons online (including at the Facebook page) or downloading iAd wallpapers.

The Mean Stinks Facebook page also includes a referral page for counseling centers, some positive video shoutouts from Ms. Riley, a section where women can upload video apologies or complaints about past acts of meanness, and a store that sells T-shirts with anti-bullying messages (along with links promoting F-commerce sales of other Secret and other P&G products).

“We’re more than just products and brands, but we’re actually doing something meaningful for our consumers,” said P&G spokeswoman Laura Brinker.

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