Yesterday while in between my Internet marketing coaching calls and I was thinking about how blessed and thankful I am that I’m doing the work I love. I love my vocation as an Internet marketing coach and consultant because it allows me to continually be looking at the word through the heart.

My clients, I imagine just like you, are passionate about what they do. They are small business owners who, for the most part, love the products or service they provide. They really believe that what they provide is a benefit to others. Do you feel the same about your products or services?

Here’s the typical challenge, from a marketing perspective, we need to clearly articulate how the customer benefits from what is offered and we need to get the message in front of potential customers.

We start the process from the frame of “being of service”. We clearly identify all of the benefits that the offering (the products or services) provide to the customer. This is a magical exercise. By removing the “me”, and thinking only about the “them”, in other words by being 100% focused on the customer and, and this is very important, by being focused on the BENEFITS the customer will receive, rather than what’s in it for you, and the features of the product the entire energy changes. Sales becomes education, marketing becomes communication, customer growth becomes organic by friends telling friends.

Helping others to move in the direction of their dreams as they are in turn helping others. Business and marketing take on such a self-realization energy when viewed through the lens of service to others.