13,554 Visitors via 9,653 Keywords

This screen shot from the Google Analytics of one of  my Internet coaching clients clearly shows 3 things.

1. The “Long Tail” of search is HUGE. Of the 9,653 keywords that delivered visitors to the site only one keyword delivered more than 200 visitors and it only delivered 230. Only 2 keywords delivered more than 100 visitors, combined they delivered 305, and hundreds of keywords delivered visitors in the double and single digits. These “long tail” keywords delivered well over 90% of the visitors.

2. Consistency Pays. Look at the graph. When we started in January Google was delivering between 25 and 70 free visitors per day. Today we average between 75 and 190. In May we had a 167% increase in free Google visitors since January.

3. SEO Delivers High Quality Visitors. Notice that organic Google rankings delivered 78.57% of the sites new visitors and on average those visitors spent 4:22 on 6.25 pages of the site.

Getting a 167% increase in free, high quality, visitors to ANY small business website in 5 months is dramatic, and of course “your results will vary” :-), but this is what being an Internet  marketing coach is all about. Learn more at http://imgmembers.com/join-3/