When it comes to using Linkedin to build your business understanding how to create your “Linkedin Profile” is crucial. Below I have linked to several excellent articles and posts that will help you create a Linkedin Profile that will evoke confidence and trust in you and in your business. These are the essential first steps  to successfully using Linkedin as a business development tool.

While I think it’s important that you understand how to get the most out of Linkedin to help you grow your business… that is not the primaryreason I’m writing this blog post. My primary reason is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A few minutes ago I discovered that many people are actually Googling on- “linkedin linkedin”, they are entering the word Linkedin twice in the Google search. This post is being optimized for that strange but apparently popular keyword- linkedin linkedin.

As an Internet marketing coach I wanted to turn this into another real time SEO experiment. I did a similar SEO experiment a year or so ago on the keyword  “Construction Internet Marketing” which I now have a top ranking on.

I hope you will use the information below to build your Linkedin profile. I created my profile on Linkedin several years ago and I regularly get new clients and referrals as a result.

To test the effectiveness of my SEO tactics Google on the keyword- “linkedin linkedin” sometime after April 23rd and see where this post is in the rankings. As of today I’m nowhere in the top 500 Google listings on that keyword.

As an Internet marketing coach I help my clients with both their SEO and with their marketing on Linkedin and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I also do much more but this post is not about that.

Linkedin Linkedin – 20 Million Searches!!!


Of course “linkedin linkedin” is a strange keyword and most of my SEO efforts are on keywords that are a bit more conventional, such as; “Construction Internet Marketing”, but when I saw “linkedin linkedin” was getting over 20 million searches per month AND the competition was low I just had to give it a try. If I get a first, or even a second page Google ranking on this keyword it will probably add thousands of new visitors to my website and since Linkedin is a resource used by a lot of small business owners I have reason to believe some percentage of these new visitors will hire me to become their Internet Marketing Coach. I think my odds are good that this will be time well spent.

Remember, give Google a few days to spider and index this page and then search on “linkedin linkedin” and see where this page is ranking.

Here are the links I mentioned at the top of this post: