Link bait is simply content in your site that is interesting enough that others would want to link to it.

I was looking at the anayltics of one of our clients sites this morning and decided to write this post. They are receiving over 5,000 visits per month from other websites. These referring sites are linking  to both the home page and specific blog posts on the client sites. Pretty impressive.

In addition to brining visitors directly from the linking sites, link baiting is a terrific SEO strategy. Google likes high-quality, relevant links to a website. By the way, Google also DIS-likes low-quality links to websites, so don’t buy into those sleazy link-building services.

Link bait takes many forms. Insider information of some sort is very popular, so are personal experiences and “hot of the press” news. Of course saying something controversial can get links too.

When adding link bait to your site be sure to use a headline that will capture the reader’s attention. Layout your content so it is very easy to read and scan. Use bullet lists, sub-heads and images.

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