“Santa” Ed Taylor
The Internet Marketing Coach… 

Increase Your Top Google Rankings, Improve Your Social Marketing & Boost the “Conversion Ratio” of Your Website; Increasing Sales, Leads & Opt-in’s

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”Thanks to your marketing efforts we are now getting approximately 50% more inquires per month from ourwebsite.”
Dianne Vanover
Thoro Packaging

“I’m delighted with the results of your work! To be ranked in the #1  position on MSN for one of our website topics, # 2 for another topic,  and moving up on several other topics only 3 weeks after we began  implementing your recommended changes is way beyond my expectations. Thanks for your very professional and effective work!!”
Leon PylePhD
Tandem Journey



“Thanks, our website is now generating many more compliments, inquiries and reservations.”
Michael Gibbs
The Winchester Inn


“People who visit my website love it!  From this website they feel they know me and call for appointments. As a result of this website I have built more than a full time practice in less than 2 years.”

Taffy Clarke Pelton,  MA,  LMFT, LPC
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


“Thank you for the results. Everything you said is now coming true. We are ranking MUCH higher on all of our search words on all of the search engines.

This is a MAJOR accomplishment for us. Even more important though is that fact that the changes that you made to our site is creating more sales. This is a HUGE accomplishment.”

Randi Hodges
Stonewise, Inc.


“Your web design and marketing services put our small business on the International Map!  We continue to receive opportunities for our services from Poland, Germany, Brazil and of course many states throughout the United States.  Our business has increased by over 45% through these direct web marketing efforts.  Web Marketing is an art and you guys paint well!”

Bob Dawson, CITE
Managing Director
The Business Group, Inc.


“Our traffic has increased 250% and the quality of the traffic keeps improving every month.”

Robert R. Roscoe
That’s Great News






“From idea to site development to marketing strategy, the results have been amazing.”

Mark Hidde


“It is far better to find a company like Internet Marketing Group to handle Internet marketing. With their expertise we can compete with any company, no matter what size, in Internet sales.”

Bruce Frasier
Dixondale Farms, Inc.


“It is now 1 year since I first met Ed, and my website is now gaining more and more customers. I have experimented with many strategies that are now paying off beautifully. Some very trivial sounding ones are the most powerful.

Sales have quadrupled in the last 10 months. And repeat customers have gone from insignificance to about 20%. Both of these are growing. People are saying VERY nice things to me.”

Elizabeth Richardson



“Ed, you always seem to distill the important and vital elements of SEO and web marketing in a well-prioritized, easy to follow and easy to implement way, and he’s enjoyable to listen to while providing concentrated useful info. “

Bruce Rawles, GeometryCode.com


“Ed always provides great, useful information in a concise and understandable form. Of course always delivered in an enthusiastic, genuine and casual style.   I have used a couple of your local Google SEO techniques and in two days ranked #1 in local Google for that search term. that’s fast.”

Don Matheson, EvolutionLook.com




“I am continually amazed how much valuable information you share. I always learn a lot. You truly are the “Master of Internet Marketing”.

Berry Fowler
Founder Sylvan Learning Systems


You Receive 1 Hour of Internet marketing coaching for each of the first 4 weeks. We will immediately identify the Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities as well as any potential Threats that may affect your Internet marketing (SWOT Analysis). You and I (and anyone else you would like to join us) will meet, via GoToMeeting, for one-hour each week for the first 4 weeks. We will:

  • Identify the number of visitors coming to your website, where they’re coming from and how they interact with your site.
  • Identify your best keywords for SEO
  • Identify strategies to be found by your best prospective customers and attract customers in social networks.
  • Identify the best strategies to maximize conversions.

This allows us to quickly take advantage of opportunities that can produce very quick results. We also quickly address any weaknesses so we take maximum advantage of your current opportunities.

You receive 1 Hour of Internet marketing coaching each month. Again, using GoToMeeting, we will meet for up to one-hour each month. I will help identify your “next step”, provide you with strategies, tactics and resources, create a “to-do” list and discuss your progress since our last session, etc.… this allows us to consistently increase your website traffic, social network connections, e-mail list, etc. It also allows us consistently build your social reputation.

You receive access to our Exclusive Clients Only website. You are granted access to our powerful Coaching Clients Only website. You will discover dozens of practical tools, specific strategies, timely tips, and real-world marketing programs you can immediately start using to:

  • Obtain and maintain top “organic” Google rankings
  • Leverage Social Marketing
  • Blog effectively for SEO and relationship building
  • Use e-mail to increase business and referrals
  • Get your website to convert a higher percentage of visitors into customers or leads.

Because we are constantly adding new materials and training programs to help you more effectively market your business… you will go back to this resource over and over again.

Of course you have access 24/7.

Here’s just a sample of what the Coaching Clients Only site includes:

  • A SEO Content Development Guide
  • Powerful video learning programs including:
  • How To Get Started With Social Media
  • How To Install and Use Google Analytics
  • How To Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Blog
  • How To Get Started with Twitter
  • How To Improve Your E-mail Marketing

You Receive Monthly Training Sessions. Each month other  experts and I cover topics such as:

  • How to Get the Most Out of FaceBook
  • Getting Started With SEO
  • Using webinars to land dozens of clients at once
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Small Business Websites
  • Blogging your way to success
  • Advanced SEO

Yes, each session is recorded & available to you… just in case you miss the live session or would like to refer back to it.

You Receive Monthly Q&A Sessions. Each month we have a live “open session”. These sessions are entirely dedicated to answering questions from our coaching clients. You can submit questions in advance or during the session.

Yes, each session is recorded so you can access it even if you are unable to attend the live session.

You receive “Just-in-Time” Internet Marketing Coaching. For those times when something comes up suddenly, or you just can’t wait until our next scheduled call, with this coaching offer you can get ” just-in-time” coaching simply by picking up the phone, and when I’m available, I will coach you on the spot! If I’m in a coaching session, or otherwise engaged, I will call you back as soon as possible.

You receive VIP Priority on All Calls and Emails. As a Internet Marketing Coaching client, all of your calls and emails will receive priority treatment.

Your Coaching is ONLY $997 to start
and $197 per month thereafter

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just tell me what to do or you work on my site?
I do NOT work on your website. I recommend things to do, in many cases I show you, or your webmaster, what to do and how to do it, you can even access many video tutorials in the client website. You could say I’m teaching you HOW to fish, not feeding you fish.

If I want to go at a faster pace can I get additional time with Ed?
Yes. You can always schedule additional 1-on-1 time with Ed, and as a current coaching client you will receive priority scheduling.

How much does Ed charge for additional time?
Ed’s hourly rate is $350, however all coaching clients receive a discounted rate of $275. Time is also available to clients only in 20 minute increments for $95 each 20 minute session.

Can other members of my team access the info and calls?
Yes. You can have up to 4 of your team members on all calls and we can grant them access to the site as well.

Can I e-mail questions to Ed?
Yes. Ed and the team will respond to quick questions very quickly.

What are your primary areas of expertise?
SEO, social marketing, e-mail marketing, website “conversion improvement” (increasing the percentage of visitors who become customers, leads or opt-ins).

What types of businesses do you work with?
Most of our clients are small “real” businesses. What I mean by that is that they are small manufacturing companies or services providers or professional practices. Companies like contractors, consultants, auto repair shops, insurance agencies, dental labs, small retailers, etc., etc., etc. as opposed to “information marketers” who are primarily selling other peoples e-books, video courses, etc.

When should I hire you as my Internet marketing coach?

In nearly all cases the earlier the better. If you are launching a new business or a new website I will save you money and time if I get involved earlier rather than later. By clearly defining marketing strategies, navigation structure, content requirements (especially for SEO), conversion funnels, calls to action, pull components, etc. early in the process we can eliminate the need to go back and make changes after the site is completed.

I look forward to working with you,


P.S.  One of the greatest benefits of having me as your Internet Marketing Coach is the ability for you to control and direct your own Internet marketing. This will save you time and money but most of all it will generate better results.

Start now- simply click the “Get Started” button below. We will contact you within 1 business day schedule or first GoToMeeting session.

Your Internet Marketing Coaching is ONLY $997 to start; this includes all the initial site analysis, the first 4 private sessions, keyword research, ranking report set-up, etc. and then I’ll continue to be your Internet marketing coach for only $197 per month.

Our franchise sales alone have already generated $53,700 in unexpected income… and we have more in the process.”
Cathy Vallevieni
VR Business Brokers 


“Thank you verymuch for the Internet Marketing Analysis you provided. It was very informative, detailed, and educational.”
David Foster
Director of Sales
Dr. Martens
“Your insights have helped us make the most of this opportunity to get our message to the world- and do it on a nominal budget. Thank you very much for your advice and support.”
Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network International





“Thank you very much for our website analysis, It was very informative, detailed, and inspirational. We are implementing all of your suggestions.”
Richard Rogg
Promises Malibu



“Instead of the usual hype and pie-in-the-sky nonsense Ed Taylor provides practical and usable tips on how to be successful on the Internet.”

Ted Nicholas
Best Selling Author
Direct Marketing Expert


“For years I was searching for an Internet marketing company that would assist me in building a site and marketing it properly. The site that you have designed has outperformed my existing sites by a significant factor. My click rate has increased by 30% and Internet sales by over 50%. I thank you, my employees thank you and my bottom line thanks you.

Peter Carini
PJC Law Group


I have taken pages of notes and I’m about to start putting some stuff in to place immediately. Looking forward to seeing improved results. I like your style!

Paul Morris, GuthrieCastle.com



“You and your organization have been instrumental in helping us “see” what the web is and what it isn’t, in designing how our company can maximize the tremendous potential marketing and transactional power of the web.”

Kyle Anderson
Baratza, LLC


“Great webinar, lived up to expectations – fast paced and covered a lot of ground – entertaining, engaging speaker – not the same old boring webinar.”

Lisa Redburg,


“I just attended your latest webinar. You are amazing! I especially enjoyed  the “eyeflow” charts on effective web design. What we measure we can improve! You show us not just how to measure but what to measure. “

Ted Wood
Sales Development


“One quality that I value in Ed’s approach is how down to earth he is in his explanations.  No hocus pocus,  just great practical strategies for succeeding in an internet business.  I highly recommend you work with Ed Taylor.  It will save you time, money and aspirin.”

Sidney Nicholas
Success Tracks


“The information that I received from you saved me hundreds of dollars and a great deal of mistakes.”

Peter Vande Walle
The Kitchen Gourmet



“I feel you are the smartest most practical Internet advisor I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.

As you know we have counted on your advice over the years and we owe part of our success at CT Engineering and PDQ and the Women’s Festivals to your wise and pragmatic easy to implement advice.”

Patty De Dominic



“I implemented your SEO advice several months ago. Every bit of advice that you offered I tested completely and I can proudly state that my web site now receives more than 500 hits a day.

My ranking on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo,  & MSN improved dramatically after I implemented your suggestions.”

Fran Ambroselli
Ambroselli’s Villa Serendip B&B