I’m now seeing 30 to 50+% of website visitors coming from mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc. The biggest problem is that people landing on your website from mobile devices are typically in a hurry. They are looking for a quick clickable phone number, or a map, or other very basic information. Often finding this info on your standard website reduced to an iPhone sized monitor is very difficult and the visitors get frustrated and “bounce” off the site.

Adding a “mobile website” allows the server to see that the visitor is heading to your site using a mobile device and then automatically directs the visitor to a “mobile friendly” website instantly and seamlessly… it’s pretty amazing. And it’s incredibly affordable!

There are many companies now providing mobile website services, here’s one that I like…

Checkout the the”Ready to make your website mobile?”tool. It will give you a quick look at how your site might look if it were made mobile friendly.

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