Just to be clear, an Internet marketing coach will show you what to do and how to do it, while an Internet marketing consultant typically gives you ideas to consider doing. There’s a huge difference between the two.

I am an Internet marketing coach for  2 reasons:

  1. Small business owners gain a huge competitive advantage when they understand and control their own Internet marketing.
  2. Being an Internet marketing COACH best suits who I am, my personality as a teacher and “way-shower.”

Here’s why I think many Internet marketing coaching programs have it “bass ackwards”.
They start you in a low cost “entry level program” and continually up-sell you into more and more expensive programs. I get it, I ¬†understand the sales psychology, it’s easier to sell a lower cost program and then up-sell existing customers over time. But that is the exact opposite of what most small businesses need, especially in these increasingly competitive, rapidly changing, times.

If you are a small business owner looking for an Internet marketing coach chances are you don’t want to start slow, you need to start fast. The challenge is you don’t want to waste time and money on something that won’t work. Right?

You want an expert to look at where you are, see what’s going on with you and your competitors and give you specific advice and direction that will allow you to increase profits NOW! You need a prioritized “to-do list” that is developed specifically for you and your unique needs.

My Internet marketing coaching program starts with an Internet marketing SWOT analyses. We evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats relating to your Internet marketing. This SWOT analysis helps identify where we should focus and where we should focus first to get the most “bang for the buck”. It costs a bit more up-front but you get what you need and you get it NOW!

I help to prioritize your Internet marketing efforts so you accomplish the most profitable results in the shortest time. We will capitalize on your greatest strengths and take advantage your competitors weaknesses.

As it relates to Internet marketing I have found that success dramatically improves when business owners know what to do, how to do it and what to do when and that’s exactly what I provide as an Internet marketing coach.

You will learn what Internet marketing tactics you can, and should, do yourself; and what, if anything, you should outsource to service providers.

With today’s incredibly simple marketing tools and Content Management Systems most small businesses, with a little bit of coaching help, can do much more in-house than they think they can I saving themselves both time and money and almost always improves results at the same time.

When you know what to do, how to do it, have someone you can ask questions to and who will check what you are doing, the whole Internet marketing process becomes much less intimidating and much more fun. And once you see the increase in traffic, leads and/or sales this whole Internet marketing thing becomes MUCH more fun.

I’m not claiming to know everything there is to know about Internet marketing, but I do know a lot and I know what works for small business. I know what is profitable and what is a waste of time and money.

I’m up to date with the latest changes in SEO, in fact, I have helped my clients obtain, and maintain, well over 50,000 top search engine rankings.

I understand engagement marketing on the social networks. I personally have thousands of “likes” on Facebook, and connections of LinkedIn, and followers on Twitter, and readers of my blog posts and e-mails. My coaching clients have many thousands more. I see and work with Internet marketing every day… and I love it.

I deliver dozens of seminars and webinars each year.

The bottom-line is simply this, I AM QUALIFIED to be your Internet marketing coach.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire You as an Internet Marketing Coach?

My goal is to get you into my Marketing Maintenance program which is only $67 per month.

But before we get you into a maintenance mode we have to get your marketing up to date and make sure you understand what to do, how to do it and have systems in place to build on your momentum. So we start with a 4-week “Quick Start”. During the QS we will conduct a SWOT Analysis in order to find the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and any potential Threats to your Internet marketing.

For the first 4 weeks we will spend 1 hour a week with me showing you, very specifically, what to do and how to do it. You have unlimited access to me via e-mail so if you have any questions you can simply send them to me and I’ll get you an answer, usually within an hour. Again, this is for 4 weeks. We will get a lot done and you will begin seeing improvement in your marketing results.

After the first 4 weeks we go to 1 hour per month of live calls. This is usually one 1 hour call but sometimes it’s two 30 minute calls. I’m flexible. This allows us to continue to improve your search engine rankings, social marketing, conversion ratio, etc. at the very affordable monthly rate of $197.

In time, usually after 6-12 months of private Internet marketing coaching, you move into the $67 per month Marketing Maintenance program.

My goal is to get you to the Marketing Maintenance program is soon as possible but not before your marketing is totally up to speed and you are confident and competent at continuing on with very little 1 on 1 communication with me.

As you can sees my coaching program is VERY DIFFERENT from the other Internet marketing coaches. My goal is not to sell you more but to sell you less.

Click the following link for details about hiring me as your Internet marketing coach, or simply call me now at 541-482-4840, if I’m available I’ll talk with you right now. I’ll look at your site and your marketing and let you know what I think and how I can be of service to you. Give me a call 541-482-4840.