Internet Coach is a fairly competitive keyword and one that I would like to have top Google rankings on. 30 days ago I started a real time demonstration of both my ability to take a term that I had absolutely no rankings on and obtain top rankings, and the SEO process used to get the top rankings.

You can visit the page I optimized at Internet Coach – the preceding link is an example of “optimized link text”. Optimized link text includes the keyword you are optimizing in the link, in lieu of using something like “To see the page I optimized for the keyword Internet Coach click here” which is using the words “click here” as the link text. (Learn more about hiring me to be your Internet Marketing Coach.)

If you would please Google on the keyword – Internet Coach – and see where this site- is ranking and add it to the comments below I would really appreciate it. You may be surprised at the differences in the Google rankings people see.

For me, and again we all see slightly different results when we do Google searches, I see the IMGmembers ranking in the #14 spot, the middle of the second page. This is not where I want to be obviously but it is MUCH better than not showing up at all which is where I was 30 days ago.

So far, in the last 30 days, and remember 30 days ago I had not even optimized a single page of this site for the term “Internet Coach” and I was not listed on that term at all, now I have a mid 2nd page Google ranking- 20 people have visited this site as a result of the ranking and these visitors have stayed on the site, on average, over 5:00 minutes each.

I wrote this post both to provide a progress report to you and also and, from an SEO perspective more importantly, to provide inbound links to the optimized Internet Coach page. 🙂