Imagine this: SEO job is complete, top rankings are secured!

That’s exactly what happened to a coaching client of mine, Elite Worldwide. I have been working with Mike Boden, their Manager of Global Internet Development for about 16 months. During that time we identified, prioritized and obtained top ranking on their most important keywords which significantly increased organic website visits. We also implemented strategies that dramatically increased conversions.

Here’s what Mike just sent me in an email:

“Our SEO has been doing extremely well for a while now (thanks to you), our conversions have increased dramatically, and you’ve really given me an understanding of what we need to be doing to stay on the right track, so we feel that we can afford to dial back our consulting call volume. 

We can’t thank you enough for the remarkable job you’ve done for us so far, and because you’ve done such exceptional work, we fully plan on taking advantage of your Internet marketing consulting as we move forward. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.” 

Like many small businesses Elite had tried several other vendors, all charging much more than me, and they were consistently disappointed. My coaching program helped them achieve the results they were looking for, save money in the process and get to a point where they are confident that they can maintain their momentum. This is EXACTLY what my coaching is designed to do.

Please, if you would like to improve the results produced by your website in 2013 call Mike at (858) 756-3102 or email him at, see what he says about how he used and benefited from my program (he has offered to share his experience using my service with anyone who would like to talk with him about it) and then call me and I’ll evaluate your situation to see if we are a good fit. My first session is FREE call 541-482-4840.