Nearly every single small business owner I talk to has a problem with marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn or both. Or at least they think they do.

Typically the business owner is spending time, or money, or both on social marketing and they don’t see an adequate return in terms of leads or customers.

Here’s the deal… 

This is EXACTLY why I added coaching to my business model.

There is no one “right solution” for all small business owners. Your situation IS DIFFERENT from other small business owners. You can read all of the books, attend the webinars and seminars but the real bottom-line is you need someone to understand your unique situation and advise YOU on WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!

Because you are a subscriber to my blog I’m offering you a FREE “Coaching Session”. You bring me your biggest social marketing problem, even if it’s just a question that you may have, and I’ll help you solve or answer it- FREE.

There is no hook, no gimmicks, no sales pitches, just you and me solving your problem.

Why? Because I appreciate you subscribing to my blog. I’m glad that I’m one of the voices you listen to and trust and hey, I am “Santa” Ed Taylor. 🙂

Pop me an e-mail and we’ll schedule a time to talk.