Have you seen typo’s and spelling errors in my blog posts and emails? This may explain them…

Early in my career I was a real estate agent. For a time I worked in my dad’s office (he was a was a real estate broker for decades). I remember a little sign he had pinned to the wall by the coffee pot. It read something like this…

“A sales manager hires a new salesperson and puts him on the road selling widgets. At the end of the first week the sales manager gets an letter: “dun sol 50 this weak, travln north.” 

The sales manager didn’t know what to do. 50 was the most anyone had ever sold in a week but the spelling was atrocious. Should he fire him? 

The next week another letter: “dun sol 250 this weak.” 

250, now the sales manager was really in a quandary. Out of his staff of 100 sales people, this new man was setting huge records. 

His next letter did it: “Dun sol 1,000 this weak, ain’t hard sell dem tings.” 

The sales manager sent a letter to all 100 of his sales people with the following: Spend mor time selin an les time spelin.” 

It’s a cute story and it made a point that seems to have stuck with me for decades.

I can’t tell you how many times I go back and check emails, blog posts, posts on social networks, etc. and see spelling mistakes and missing words. So I just want to say sorry about that and blame it on that dumb little sign I read every day by the coffee pot decades ago.