“Here is what old prophet said, ‘Words are like a lamp for your feet, so you can see where to walk.’ He also said. ‘Words are like a light for your pathway, so you can see where to go.'”

That is a quote from Communication and the Art of Persuasion by Jim Rohn.

Here’s how this relates to excellent content for your website… 

Craft the words of your website in such a way that your website visitors clearly see the steps they should take, the pathway they should follow.

Our website visitors want to learn about us; what we offer and what differentiates us from other options they are considering. They want to understand how they will benefit by doing business with us rather than one of our competitors. They must also clearly see the pathway and the steps they should take.

Excellent website content is Clear, Compelling, Benefit Oriented AND has a “Call to Action”. It “lights the pathway” so website visitors can clearly see their way and it is a “lamp for the feet” so the visitor can clear see each step they should take.