Google’s Panda update showed just how important quality content has become in the SEO process. We now know how to use “quality indicator” techniques when optimizing a blog post.

These techniques include exactly where keywords should be placed and components that should be included within each blog post you publish. We have a comprehensive “How to SEO you Blog” guide for members but here are 3 tips you can use today.

SEO Blogging Tip #1: Page Title – The page title should include the main keyword phrases of the post. You could use the same  page title and the headline.

SEO Blogging Tip #2: URL – Keywords should be placed in the URL for added optimization. If your headline is optimized, your URL and headline could be very similar. For example This post was optimized for “Construction Internet Marketing”.

SEO Blogging Tip #3: Headline – Include keyword phrases in your headline. Intriguing headlines can be created while still including keyword phrases. How-to articles, numbered lists and statement headlines can all do this. Here’s a post that is a great example- Construction Internet marketing ~ A lesson in Local Search. The title of this article is a good example of how to  include a keyword phrase. In this case, “Construction Internet Marketing” is the main keyword phrase being targeted.

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