Learning how to Internet marketing to effectively grow your business can be much easier than you are probably thinking.

Think of Internet marketing as how to get quality visitors to your website and how to get your website to convert the maximum number of visitors into leads, opt-in’s or customers. All Internet marketing strategies and tactics fall into one of the 2 categories, visitor building or conversion improvement.

Of course Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising, Social networking, etc. are visitor building strategies.

Website design, headlines, content, offers, calls to action, etc. are all geared toward conversion improvement.

I have spent the last 15 years teaching and showing businesses how to improve their Internet marketing results. Here’s one of the major things I have learned, it’s not about how to Internet marketing, it’s about human behavior. Small business owners get drawn into every new “How to” Internet marketing thing comes along,  like moths to a flames.

For years I have warned small business owners against spending time and money implementing and learning how to use and implement the latest Internet marketing strategy or tactics. Let them prove themselves first and then learn strategies and tactics that are PROVEN. Most of the time there is NO advantage for a small business to be an early adopter of the latest and greatest anything.

How to Internet Marketing

You have probably noticed something a bit off about how I have written this blog post. Have you?

I have used the 4 words “How to Internet Marketing” several times. The words seem a bit in appropriate, a little out of place, something is missing. It should say “how to improve Internet marketing”, or “how to use Internet marketing”. Here’s the deal, I’m adding these 4 words as a personal SEO experiment. I do these experiments from time to time. In fact, if you Google on “Construction Internet Marketing” you should find one of my pages – http://imgmembers.com/construction-internet-marketing-a-lesson-in-local-search ranking very high.

As an Internet marketing coach I teach small business people how to improve the results produced by their Internet marketing, including their SEO. By doing these real time SEO experiments I can make sure that the SEO tactics I’m teaching are working.

How to Internet Marketing Strategy- Building E-Mail Lists

When it comes to learning how to use Internet marketing to increase profits one of the most important things you can do is to take the time to develop an Internet marketing strategy that includes building a large e-mail list of customers, potential customers and “centers of influence”, like influential experts.

E-mail marketing is a “conversion strategy”. By using e-mail to nurture relationships with existing customers and potential customers you can increase the frequency of purchases from current customers and increase the likelihood that a potential, or prospective customer will actually become a customer over time.

I can tell you countless personal stories about people who became customers years after they opted into my email list. My point is this, if I not had an e-mail list and had I not encouraged people to opt-in to it and had I not consistently provided my subscribers with meaningful, useful information- They would have NEVER become customers! How can you maximize the number of people who opt-in to your e-mail lists?

Another How to Internet Marketing strategy you can learn from is Social Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, here’s the deal- When it’s all said and done, social marketing is just a “get NEW quality visitors” strategy.

The real beauty of social networks is their ease of sharing information with people who have similar interests- they are great at that. From a business perspective though success is ultimately going to be measured in terms of increased business, that business, in most cases, is going to happen either directly on your website or after the person who finds you on a social network visits your website. In other words your website is going to do the heavy lifting of converting that person who discover you on a social network from a mere curious website visitor to an actual customer or lead.

I see that I’m now over 600 words in this blog post and one of the things I’m testing is total words of content and the keyword ratio, remember this post is being optimized for How to Internet Marketing and I want this post to be between 800 and 900 words total so I’m going to wrap it up.

One last thing, as a longtime Internet Marketing Coach let me provide you with a piece of advice that has served me and my clients well for over 15 years.

How to Internet Marketing Advice

ALWAYS track & test. Track results and test content, headlines, page design, images, image placement, etc. The number of small business owners who have a website built and then just let it sit for a few years until they have new built is absolutely staggering to me. I have seen conversions rates increase by THOUSANDS of percent and quality visitors increase by many thousands per month all because new things were tried.

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