In a couple of hours I’ll be conducting a webinar for members of the International Housewares Association. My topic is “How to Implement a Social Marketing Strategy”. Here’s a stat  from the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report I hope they, and you, find revealing:

“There’s a direct relationship between how long marketers have been using social media and their weekly time commitment. For people just beginning with social media, 59% spend 1 to 5 hours per week. 

However, for folks who have been doing this for a few months or longer, most spend 6 hours or more per week on social media activities. A significant 47% of marketers who have more than 3 years experience spend at least 16 hours per week focused on social media activities.” 

In business we tend to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. This stat alone should get you to SERIOUSLY explore your commitment to Social Marketing and your Social marketing strategy.

IMGmembers can find help and tutorials on How to Implement a Social Marketing Strategy at