If you have subscribed to this blog for long you know I love videos. I have nearly 150 videos on my YouTube Channel-  http://www.youtube.com/user/EdTaylorDotCom and my videos have been viewed over 13,100 times. I also have nearly a hundred private videos that are hosted on AmazonS3.

I highly recommend that you start using video marketing aren’t already. Videos can be just about anything- you talking, a product demo, a promotional campaign, or anything that highlights your company or product/service.

These videos don’t have to be professionally made- even inexpensive cameras will work fine. I use a Flip camera and my iPhone for shooting me or others and I use Camtaisia for my “screen capture” videos.

Once you create your video, post it to YouTube or another video hosting site. Be sure to include an excellent description of your video including keywords. Link the video back to your website too. You may want to even a “bottom third ad” http://imgmembers.com/how-to-add-an-ad-to-your-youtube-videos/

Then you can promote the video on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Encourage others to share it too.

You may also want a “YouTube Skin” to brand your channel see http://imgmembers.com/skin-your-youtube-channel/

Have you had any particular success with Video Marketing? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!