There is nothing like social proof to assuage fears and build confidence in potential customers. The challenge is in getting the testimonials and endorsements. Here’s the way I do it for the clients we develop websites and provide Internet marketing services and coaching for…

First, I ask my clients to give ME the contact info for several of their best customers or clients. I then call them and let them know that I’m working on the marketing for xxx, whoever the client of mine is, and ask if I can ask them a few quick questions about their experience with my client.

This ALWAYS works great. My client doesn’t have to call and ask their clients to say nice things about them (which is uncomfortable and awkward for many people) and I can craft a very compelling testimonial from what is said during the call. I then send what I have written to the person I was talking with and ask them to modify what I have written in any way they would like.

Here’s a testimonial that I developed yesterday using this process…

“Ahead of schedule and under budget, that was my experience with Fred Mathews. I was on a tight deadline and I needed my new office space totally remodeled, from new walls with crown modeling to new floor coverings. Fred was profession and did an excellent job. I recommend him highly.” 

Richard Miller,
Brightway Insurance

Neptune Beach, FL

What do you think? I’d say it’s excellent.

So here’s my tip- let me, or some other skilled third party, help you obtain killer testimonials, letters of recommendation, endorsements and other social proof.