In my 15 years of helping small business owners improve their Internet marketing results one thing has become crystal clear: One size definitely DOES NOT fit all.

When it comes to “what is needed” for Internet marketing success, that is pretty standard, but when it comes to “HOW it is needed” for each small business owner,  well that’s where it gets a bit tricky.

I’m bringing this up because it will help YOU select the best way for YOU to go about  improving your Internet marketing results. Here are some questions that will help you discover THE BEST FIT FOR WHO YOU ARE.

Are you good at hearing ideas, strategies and tactics and then implementing them on your own? If so you will want to find teachers, books, seminars, webinars, etc.

Are you “hands off”, that is, are you perfectly fine with not understanding or managing your Internet marketing? If so a service provider is your best choice.

Are you more comfortable with an expert providing advice specific to your needs? If so a consultant is what you want.

Do you have a solid base of information, like to be hands on and could use some help staying focused and on task? If so a coach will be a good fit.

Do you want expert advice specific to your needs, someone to bounce your ideas off of, someone who will help you prioritize objectives and help you stay on task? If so a coach-consultant will fit your bill.

In case you were wondering, I am an Internet marketing coach-consultant.