Back in January of this year I wrote a blog post about the cost of SEO services for small businesses. As it turns out that post, which I optimized for the keyword-  “How Much Should I Pay For SEO”, ended up with top rankings on Google.  The result of that single post was thousands of people interested in SEO visiting my website. Undoubtedly some became clients of my Internet marketing coaching services.

Even if you are not a client of mine  I hope you will “model” these SEO strategies and tactics. They ARE profitable. Of course I’m available to provide coaching to help you consistently build your visitors, conversions and profits.

Here’s the optimized blog post that resulted in all of those high quality visitors. How Much Should I Pay For SEO?  By the way, the link you just saw IS an SEO tactic. All the best, call if you have any questions- 541-482-4840

How much should you pay for SEO?