At least once or twice a week I get asked “How much should I pay for SEO?” Of course there’s no one size fits all answer to that question. You want to spend as little as possible and at the same time reap all of the benefits you can from obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings.

My Internet marketing coaching program allows you, if you are a small business owner, to switch this question from one of money to one of time, in other words the question becomes; “How much TIME should I spend on SEO?” This is often a better way to approach SEO.

Below you will find rates and fees charged by a variety of SEO companies.

Here’s pricing info on more than 600 agencies. This is very revealing information. Check it out, look at the hourly rates and the monthly fees. Once you read the post click on the link below and see what you get from The-Internet-Marketing-Coach for less than $200 per month.

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Here are the SEO services and additional services provided in my Internet Marketing Coaching program for less than $200 per month- 

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