Michael Rad, the cofounder of HOLSTEE, a new company  “dedicated to design with a conscience” recently posted this on one of my Facebook threads- “Just a quick thanks to Ed and everyone on this beautiful discussion thread!! Your responses have been both encouraging and inspiring! Best wishes from our family to yours!” 

I don’t know Michael and I’m not compensated in way from Holstee for what I have done for them, which by the way, has resulted in many orders of their products and an expanded brand awareness for them world-wide.

Here’s the deal- I like the “manifesto” they created, that’s it, I like it!

Because I like it I wanted to share it with my Facebook friends- Click here to read the tread. My friends started “liking” the photo I posted  (BTW, today over 1,500 “likes”) and they started commenting on it. I could see it was picking up momentum so I kept re-adding it to my wall providing updates on the “like” counts.

Mike and his partners at HOLSTEE created something that resonated with me and my Facebook friends. When they created their manifesto they had no idea who I was or that I would like, or mention, what they had created. This was not a contrived “marketing plan”, it was them doing what they do, being who they are, and THAT is what resonated with me and others around the world.

Marketing has changed. In some ways it has reverted back to “word-of-mouth”, sure it’s more “word of text” today but the idea is the same just massively multiplied. I tell my “friends” what I like, and my friends tell their friends, etc., etc., etc. AND… we have more friends today, I have over 2,500 Facebook friends, many of my friends have even more friends than that… you get the idea- good news travels like wildfire – of course so does bad news.

One last note- I did get something out of “fanning the flame”, over 150 people have “friended” me and 73 of them have “liked” my business page, and 3 of them have already asked about joining my Internet marketing coaching program.

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