I believe distractions are the greatest time wasters of small business owners. What appears urgent often gets acted on while what is truly important gets relegated to the back-burner.

When it comes to marketing the buzz about the “latest, greatest, Internet marketing strategy” gets us to leap-frog over “tried and true strategies” while we try “the latest and greatest”. This A.D.D. approach to marketing produces a hop-scotch implementation of “ify” tactics, often without a sound strategy in place and, to add insult to injury, many “best practices” get left out of the mix entirely because they are not new or sexy (they just work).

The first question that every small business owner must ask about their Internet marketing is this: What do I want my website to produce?

It could be hot leads, sales, donations, a list of potentially interested prospects, whatever  it is, YOU MUST identify what you want your website to produce.

Question 2. What is the BEST way to get qualified visitors to my website?
It might be sending direct mail, handing out business cards, putting signs on your car, but more likely it’s either advertising on the Internet, social marketing or Search Engine Optimization (getting top organic (free) Google rankings on your best keywords).

Question 3. Where should I start?
First, don’t start with anything that you are seeing dozens of e-mails about- kill the buzz. For many businesses getting top organic Google rankings is the best starting point because obtaining and maintaining these top rankings is the least expensive, least time consuming and most effective way to consistently deliver well qualified visitors to their website.

Before you spend your time and money on the “latest and greatest” be absolutely sure you have implemented a solid SEO program and you have all of the other “tried and true” strategies in place.

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