In the last 53 days the site has received 3,181 more visitors than in the 53 days immediately prior to my SEO coaching.

85.14 Increase 08-24-13

In June I helped a new client with some SEO. Today, with Google Analytics, I did a “before & after” analysis. Visits are up by 85.14%. MORE THAN 60 NEW VISITORS PER DAY are getting to the site from Google’s organic (free) listings. The client is a small, one person, home-based, business… not bad, if I do say so myself.

What did we do to achieve this success?

Several things. We started with cleaning up the site, removing broken links, improving load times and then moved on to improving the “on page” SEO, content, tagging and lining. That’s it. Most of the changes were made by the client in her WordPress website, her webmaster put in 45 minutes following my instructions.

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