Internet Marketing Strategy – The FOUNDATION of a Successful Website

Build it and they will come; first it’s just not true as it relates to small business websites; but even more important, even if it were true most small business websites would still fail.

Here’s why…

Website success is measured by the number of sales, leads or opt-in’s generated by the website NOT by the number of visitors to the website.

Consider this…

Let’s say you are spending $500 per month on search engine optimization and $2,500 per month on paid advertising (making a total monthly online marketing investment of $3,000). You’re receiving 5,000 visitors per month to your website and you’re converting 1% of those visitors, generating $10,000 in revenue.

If you simply increased the conversion rate your website to 2%, you would be generating $20,000 in revenue for no additional advertising cost. And because your advertising costs have already been covered by the original $10,000 revenue, your profit margin has increased dramatically!

So how do you improve your website’s conversion ratio?

That’s exactly what I will help you do.

To start I’ll help identify your website’s primary aim –the main goal for your website. Do you want to drive sales leads for your services? Do you want to sell more of your products? Do you want to increase your newsletter subscriptions?

Before we can begin to improve your website’s conversion rate we must identify the primary aim of your website, the main ‘conversion’ action you want your website visitor to take, many of the “Marketing Elements” will be based on this primary aim.

Marketing Elements include a clear call-to-action strategy. Once you have identified your primary aim, I’ll help make every part of your website further this aim.

The next step is to simplify the process of taking the desired action. Generally, the more information you ask of your website visitor and the more actions you ask them to take, such as clicking to another page to complete a form, the lower your conversion rate.

We may also want to improve your offer – when you ask your website visitor to take an action on your website you are ‘offering’ them something of perceived value, such as a free consultation, a free newsletter subscription or a retail saving of 20% on a particular product. By increasing the perceived value of your offer you will increase the number of people that take you up on that offer and, in turn, increasing your conversion rate.

Taking this strategy one step further, you can dramatically increase the perceived value by offering a free report on a topic of value to your prospects, such as ‘The 7 Biggest Mistakes Vacationers Make When Making Travel Plans ($97 value)’.

Integrating these strategies into your website is an absolute must if want to maximize your website’s conversion rate.

There are many additional strategies and  “marketing elements” of your website that I will examine and suggest improvements for.

For example I may recommend you improve the design of your website. Through the use of “Eye Tracking Heat Maps” and split-testing we now know that some website designs are much more effective at converting visitors into customers, leads and opt-in’s.

I may also help improve your content (if it is needed) so your content is more engaging and compelling. The words you use on your website are the only words a website visitor can read to make a decision on whether to take action on your offer or not. And, like any sales person, the better you make the ‘presentation’ on your website, the more people will take action on your offer.

I may also recommend the addition of “Social Proof”.  By adding testimonials you are showing your potential customers that there are other people like themselves who have benefited from your services. Generally, the more testimonials you can include on your website, the better.

All of this is about your STRATEGY. I have not even mentioned increasing the number of quality visitors to your website, but since I brought it up…

When it comes to visitor building we will guide you step by step through the Search Engine Optimization process. We will also help you drive traffic to your site with Pay Per Click marketing, Social Media marketing and even article marketing.

And to maximize revenue and maintain top of mind awareness you will learn how to implement an effective e-mail marketing program.

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