Google Adwords  is the easy to set-up and  often a effective way to get started with PPC advertising.

To set up your account go to

Essentially you will bid on keywords that are likely to bring well qualified visitors to your website. You will then pay Google a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad.

Decide an overall budget (the amount you are willing to spend per day) and a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rate that you are willing to pay for each visitor. Start low and test your results and then increase your spend as results warrant.

For example, if you decide that you would like to spend $40 a day, and you are willing to pay $2.00 for each click, then Google will run your ad until you reach 20 “click-throughs”.

You can easily track the results and test different combinations of keywords, landing pages, etc.

Google has excellent videos or and a beginner’s guide that will make it easy to get started with Adwords.

Another excellent tool for your Adwords campaigns is the Google Ad Planner.

You can access the tool at

With the Ad Planner you can research website that except ads and get an learn about their visitors. For example you can see a breakdown of sex, age, education and income. All of this data will help you decide where your ads will bring you the most bang for your buck.

We have also had great success with “Image Ads” on the Google Content Network.