The image below is the absolute proof in the pudding.

This is SEO advice that EVERY business website MUST follow in order to be successful, period! This image shows the search engine ranking results & improvements for my current Internet marketing coaching clients. This is more irrefutable evidence that these SEO tactics work right now.

 Getting your SEO ducks in a row…

Yesterday I had 5 coaching calls, 5!

In 3 of the calls the topic was SEO (the other 2 dealt with Conversion improvement). Each of the3 clients wanted to improve their rankings on specific keywords. In each case I went through the site with the client. We reviewed the content looking for the keywords in the site and on specific pages. We looked for the keywords in Title tags, H tags and link text.

Guess what? 

You’re right. The keywords were glaringly absent from the most basic places.

It’s essential to remember that all SEO efforts in Social Media sites and every other place must BUILD on a firm SEO foundation within your website.

You MUST have the basic “on site” SEO  in place and then build from there.

This a “ducks in a row”, “wagon before the horse” issue. Implementing a solid “on site” SEO strategy is job 1.  EVERYTHING else follows.

This it why it is essential to to completely understand your “on site” SEO tactics when you are remodeling an existing website or developing a new one.