During a marathon 2 hour SEO consultation yesterday the clients were surprised to learn that SEO tactics could and should be divided into micro and macro. By the way, this was NOT a free SEO consultation; the clients invested several hundred dollars for my advice.

I’m sharing 2 SEO concepts here that will serve as a free SEO consult for you.

  1. Start with the trees, the micro. Every SEO keyword (or family of related keywords) should have their own unique page (or post). The content and code of the page should be fully optimized as I have described in other posts here in this blog.
  2. The forest, the macro.  The entire site should be search engine optimized by doing things like extending the expiration date of the domain, attracting more visitors to the site by adding links from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. I have written about this before on this blog but you may even consider optimizing your site for keywords that are popular but not completely relevant or targeted towards your best prospective customer. The idea here is that a rising tide of visitors lifts the rankings on all of your keywords.

My free SEO consultations are limited to 15 minutes but they are just that- consultations; not disguised sales presentations. After the consult I’ll explain as much or as little as you would like to know about my services as an Internet marketing coach…. That’s up to you.

My tip today… remember the SEO forest and the trees, the micro and the macro.  I will explain exactly how to best apply these concepts to your site, with your keywords and your unique competitors in a free SEO consultation. Call 541-482-4840