Q: What is Facebook “retargeting” and how does work?

A: Facebook retargeting is process of having your Facebook ads displayed to people who have visited your website and left without converting. This new advertising tactic has been made possible through Facebook’s recently launched Facebook Exchange.

It works like this, a business adds a “site tracking tag” to their web site code. This tag is invisible to visitors and places a unique “cookie” in their browser. This cookie” anonymously identifies this browser as having visited your web site. These “cookied” website visitors are added to a “retargeting list”.

Once a retargeting list is created your Facebook ad campaign can be set up to display your ads to those people who visited your website on their right sidebar of Facebook. When your website visitors see your ads on their Facebook page they are reminded of your product of service and are, at least  theoretically, more predisposed to return to your site and sign up or convert in some way.

This advertising tactic is new but there is growing evidence that it is effective… some say VERY effective.

Here’s a personal experience I had a couple of days ago that prompted this post.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another example. This one comes from one of the companies that provided retargeting services. It showed up after I visited their website.

FB Retarget Ads 06-01-13