Using your website as a business development tool primarily means 2 things:

  1. You must get reasonable numbers of HIGH QUALITY visitors to your site and,
  2. Your website MUST CONVERT a reasonable number of visitors into leads, customers, or at a minimum, subscribers.

Assuming the “conversion elements” of your site have been  well optimized, the question becomes: “Where do I focus my time and/or money in order to deliver the largest volume of high quality visitors to mywebsite at the lowest possible cost”?

Both my experience and many studies indicate that top rankings in Google’s  search results, (both Google Local & the organic listings)  are the best resources for most businesses, most of the time.

Here’s why

  • Trust. Most people trust the sites in the non-paid search results more than the sites they see ads for. That’s pretty obvious and straight forward. Perhaps a bit less obvious…
  • Transactional Search Quires. People you Google on “discount on nikon L120” are interested in BUYING a new Nikon L120.  Or in my case if someone Google’s on internet marketing consulting, internet marketing speaker or internet marketing coach they are looking for someone to provide the exact services that I provide. These are High Quality visitors for me.

I have many thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and I appreciate and value everyone one of them, and yes, they DO convert into customers from time-to-time, but to get the most bang for your buck, or the highest return on your investment of time, continuously improve your rankings in Google’s organic rankings and in their Local Search, now called Google+ Local.

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