On my webinar today I offered a FREE “Eye Tracking Heatmap” to the attendees and as one of my subscribers I wanted to be sure to extend the offer to you too.

Eye Tracking Heatmap

The primary business objective of most small business websites is to get NEW visitors to take an action, i.e. call you, subscribe to something, buy something, complete a form, etc. Another way to say this is- You want to maximize the number of your website visitors who CONVERT into customers, leads or at least opt-ins.

Your website DESIGN, LAYOUT and CONTENT all have a huge impact on the CONVERSION RATIO (the percentage of visitors who take the action you want them to take) of your website.

One of the tools that can help you increase the Conversion Ratio of your website is an EYE TRACKING HEATMAP. In my last blog post I mentioned how you can get a predictive Eye Tracking Heatmap FREE for a limited time. To order yours fill out this form:

P.S. Send me a copy of your heatmap and I will give you my analysis for FREE.

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