Getting your website visitors to convert into customers or opt-in (join your email list) is essential an essential element to online marketing success, in fact, it is THE essential element.

Many times over the past several years I have provided examples of high conversion web pages. In response I often hear things like, that works for you because you are famous as an Internet marketer, or you have the track record, or testimonials or whatever.

Then I hear things like “no one opts-in anymore”, email is dead, text and social is all I need.

Frankly all of that is a bunch of malarkey.

Email is still a FAR more effective marketing tool than, text and social media! See this 2013 SalesForce Study.

So how do you get visitors to opt-in?

It’s easy. Give them a compelling reason.

You must find something that your target customer would value and then give it away in exchange for an opt-in. Pretty simple.

Here’s my page. Really examine it. There are flaws, the video was produced on my webcam in my yard and the hosted on YouTube… I could not have done it for less money it was FREE. The KEY HERE IS STRATEGY. Check it out-

How you let your visitors know about your freebie is key. Video has proven itself over and over again.

During this reporting session the website had visitors from a bunch of sources including ads on both Facebook and Google and:

  • direct
  • google
  • bing
  • yahoo
  • aol
  • and dozens of additional sources.

These were visitors who didn’t know me from Adam and this is a new venture for me. I have NO track record.

The opt-in rate:



13.8% is not a particularly high conversion rate but it’s 2 to 3 times higher than most small business websites. On another website I recently worked on the opt-in rate was in the 27-29% range.

Improving your conversion ratio is often the most immediate and most bottom-line improving thing a small business can do.

Examine your website and your conversion ratio. Is your conversion ratio in double digits? If not let’s talk.