Last week I was again reminded (for the umpteenth time) of the importance of staying in touch with potential clients.

Two LONGTIME (over 4 years) subscribers to my e-mail list decided that the time was right. They were now ready to hire me as their Internet marketing coach. After more than 4 years!!!

All I did was make it very easy for these “prospects” to subscribe to my “Marketing Updates” e-mail list and then consistently provide them with information that they found interesting and helpful.

Because they regularly received my e-mails I had created “top of mind awareness” which means that when they felt they had a need for the type of services I provide they thought of me. Because they had received my messages for years they had already benefited from my advice, they knew me and they trusted me. I had demonstrated both my expertise and my personality.

My TIP- Make it a high priority to build your list of subscribers and then consistently provide them with interesting and useful information. This simple Email, Nurture, Top of Mind Awareness strategy can have a huge impact on your bottom-line.